Our Technology

THX stands for quality. Whether you’re a die-hard film fanatic, a once-a-year-moviegoer, an audio junkie, or just an entertainment lover, a trip to the movies will always be great at a THX Certified Cinema. You can rest easy knowing your movie-going experience has been expertly verified to be the best it can possibly be. At a THX Certified Cinema, you’ll find brilliant images, immersive audio, and an optimized auditorium environment that ensure you don’t miss any details of the story.

The THX Certified Cinema Promise

  • Exceptional brightness and picture clarity free from visual distortion
  • A dynamic, immersive audio system that places you right in the middle of the scene
  • An auditorium environment that has been tested and tweaked to ensure you see and hear the movie you came for, not the AC unit or the movie next door
  • A faithful representation of the filmmakers’ original vision, exactly how they want their movie to be seen
  • Confidence in a brand that has been optimizing cinema for 35 years, making your theater choice an easy decision

THX Certified sound, combined with our Sony 4K technology, will ensure you get the best movie-going experience in the Panhandle!

Add to that our top-quality concession snacks, beautiful retro ambiance, and the friendliest employees in Texas,  and what you’ve got is the absolute BEST.