Welcome Back!

We are happy beyond words that we get to welcome the town back to the Palace Theatre! It won’t be the same experience you’ve come to expect when you visit, but we will do our very best to make sure that you still get top-notch service, great snacks, and an amazing movie experience.

Because of COVID19, we will still have to take precautions, so things will be a little different. We are asking that you reserve your seats by 6:00 PM each night. In order to reserve seats, please see the seating chart below, and when you have your seats picked out, call or text Natalie at 806.217.2169. Please note that this is first come, first serve. It’s kind of an arcane system, but it’s the best we can do, at the moment. While reserving your seat, you can also pre-order your concession snacks, although we understand if you aren’t ready to order food yet. We’ve posted a menu below, if you need to refresh your memory on what we serve.