We had planned on writing a professional post letting everyone know that we decided to temporarily shut our doors tonight. But as I changed the marquee, changing to word “Onward” to the words, “Temporarily Closed,” it didn’t feel professional.

It felt personal, and it was a little heartbreaking. Because we love this theater, and we love when people come to see us. We love the crowds, and We love when instead of crowds, we have a few people in the lobby and we get to chat about movies, or our lives, or your lives.

Running the Palace is the best.

Because we love it so much, the decision to shut our doors was an incredibly difficult one. But we feel it is the most responsible one. We get customers from all over, and with the confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Amarillo, we decided it was better for us—and better for the community—if we closed down for a bit.

We will be offering curbside concessions, and we hope you continue to rely on us for delicious popcorn, soda with special ice, and anything else you’re craving. Feel free to call or text Natalie at 806.217.2169 if you’d like to order some. We’ll bring it outside for you, or bring it to your house, as long as you’re in town.

We will also continue to rent out both the auditorium and the party room, if you want to bring a small group for a private gathering. We’ve updated our website (www.palacetheatre.com) with pricing, and we even offer hourly rates for gaming, so that you and some friends can come play video games on the big screen.

We also want to thank you all for your support and your kindness. We hate that we’re all having to deal with this craziness, but we couldn’t ask for a better community to go through it with.

-Ray, Natalie, and Atticus

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